Alatrace: an innovative registry for pets

The Alatrace platform offers a turnkey solution developed by experts in traceability and companion animal management

A solution developed by experts in efficient traceability systems

Attestra: we raise confidence

Created in September 2001, Attestra is an independent non-profit organization that develops, implements and operates its own IT system for identification and traceability.

Attestra has, among other things, developed the identification and traceability solution SimpliTRACE, which is the basis of the Alatrace registry for pets. This system has also been successfully adapted for several livestock sectors in Québec and across Canada.

Attestra was mandated by the Ministère de l’Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l’Alimentation du Québec (MAPAQ) in accordance with the Animal Health Protection Act (chapter P-42). Since its inception, the team at Attestra has proven itself by developing innovative technological solutions. Its expertise is recognized as much in Québec as in Canada, as seen by the trust of its partners and clientele.


Attestra develops, implements and manages identification and traceability systems while preserving the integrity and quality of the databases entrusted under its responsibility by ministries, sectors and organizations.

Our Values

Our values - Excellence


Our values : Quality


Our values : Security


The Alatrace team

Attestra mobilized its IT technology and project management experts for the development of Alatrace, and ensures strategic and technical support, as well as offering strategic and technical support, as well as offering expert advice.

Advantages for a participating community

Unique community price

Significant and rapid increase in the number of pets registered in the registry

Increase of over 60% of license revenue

Better financing of municipal animal services

Better management of potentially dangerous animals.

Precise statistics and more efficient companion animal management